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aa, I'm not an authority on this, but I'll tell you what I know. 

For the Heavy Varmint class (20 fpe max) one of the best barrels seems to be the .177 LW Polygon barrel. It's shoots the JSB Monster (13gr) pellets very well. 

But for Light Varmint (12 fpe max) that same barrel does not shoot the JSB 8.44 gr pellets as well. LW makes a  .177 12 groove barrel that shots those pellets well. 

For Open Class (35 fpe max) one usually goes up to a .22 barrel. At least for the 50 yard matches. I sometimes shoot my HV rifle with the LW Polygon barrel in open class at 25 meters if it's not too windy. But for 50 yards (or 25 meters if it's real windy), one is going to be at a disadvantage shooting a .177. So, now another barrel (.22 of some type)

So, this is just what I do. I'd like to hear some of the guys who have been shooting for some time and know the sport well chime in.