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Don't feel the way to go is all high end stuff, in general, any good shooting gun (PCP anyway, springer's are a whole different animal) should be able to tackle the job.  I used a Benjamin Marauder, with only a couple hundred dollars worth of mods, and even with that, I might go back to some stock OEM parts.  You don't need a $4000 gun, and a $4000  scope to be competitive. Everyone that placed in front of me at the Crosman All American Field Target Championship, was either a former World Champion (2), former national champion (3), and current national champion (1). Coming in 7th in company such as that, is very pleasing with a budget rig. It's the guy behind the trigger more than anything.  I have a TM 1000, a Steyr, and other expensive rigs, my good old Marauder is more accurate.  My opinion, go for the simplest gun, that you can service and fix on your own, and put the best quality scope you can afford, that is appropriate for your selected class.  My entire rig, including the scope comes in at the $2000 or so mark, the scope, a Sightron Slll, being over half that.  You can check out my channel, Field Target Tech, how I accomplished what I have in the past, and some info for the novice shooter, plus Benjamin Marauder tuning tips, rebuilds and modifications.  I'll be glad to answer ANY questions about anything you want clarified or explained about the Field Target sport.


Tom Holland