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Joe I understand what your saying and see the line of thinking that got you there.

But I wonder of many of the guns selling at the discount houses were tuned to 12FP if the average buyer / beginning shooter would not end up happier and a better shooter even more dedicated to the airgun sport we know. They are already lied to through false advertising about the power levels that the guns make. Yet most never shoot them over a chronograph and are none the wiser most still quoting the numbers on the outside of the box. So leave the outrages calms right where they are, but bring the guns down to around 12FP where they would not break scopes but yet be very shootable and so much less hold sensitive. 

I have found most shooters are happier when they hit what they are shooting at than missing as the crosshairs turn sideways in yet another scope.

To me these discount rifles are like handing a new shooter a 458Win Mag instead of a .22 that they can learn to shoot well. That is doing the airgun hobby no favors.