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CVLIFE 6-24×50 is clear ? because CVLIFE actually is a 4-12X scope ! read some reviews comparing it with Nikon side by side then you will get it !

BinSong, I agree.

Serious reviews of scopes should include a test of the apparent/actual magnification. Seat-of-the-pants review ignore a lot of critical aspects of scope selection, including the measured magnification.

Here is a quote I lifted from a site that knows something about testing scopes:

"*The Schmidt & Bender PMII 3-27×56 may seem to have a giant field of view for its max magnification of 27x, but I measured its apparent magnification at the max zoom to actually be 22.4x … not 27x. I explain how I measured that in the How To Measure the Apparent Magnification of a Scope post. More on that below as well."

So even high end scope manufacturers can be guilty of the same exaggerations. The CVLIFE scope is a good example of exaggerated claims. Exaggerated FOV and exaggerated magnification. They either don't know any better (I doubt that), or are hoping the buyers only care about clarity as that is the extent of knowledge on optical performance.

Clarity is based on correct mechanics, lens quality, objective size and magnification. There is not much point in trying to judge a scopes "clarity" unless you know what magnification you are using. And you can't go by the numbers on the scope. You need to measure it. That's why I don't place much weight on a lot of the reviews that espouse "clarity" when they don't know what magnification they are looking through.


In your price range ($300-$400), 32x with good clarity is not that common. All the scopes that I use are in the $100-$300 range, but I keep it at 24x max as I have yet to see a true 32x scope in that price range that has what I consider good clarity.