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Thanks SteveUK.  Very close to what what I am looking for.  Just wondering how it performs ? is it prone to be affected by the puff of condensation coming out from the muzzle ? 

No, not effected at all – that's why it's designed as open on all sides – for the air blast to escape, and the distance from front sensors to rear sensors is 3.5 inches, so no problems – the usual shoot through ones have just a hole in the case, and they are claimed to be effected by muzzle blast, as it's funneled across the sensors – but that claim is made by the makers of the open type, so may be biased – but then again they may have tried closed design and rejected it

Anyway, I'm happy with mine as it's a large opening to shoot through, and Infra red transmitter and receiver sensors unaffected by light levels