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I'd like to point out that that's business as usual for Charlie. In fact, DIG THIS!

The first business I did with Charlie was buying some Czech ten-meter pistols that he'd apparently purchased from another airgun supplier that went out of business. Those guns being outside Charlie's field of expertise, he patiently endured my interrogations until we struck what seemed like a good deal. When a couple of those pistols had issues neither of us could have known about without actually using them (which I did), Charlie sent me such an overly-generous rebate that I re-rebated him $150 after sorting out and reselling the guns.

Charlie is SOLID GOLD! Reminds me of a quote I'll try to recite as verbatim as I can remember it. 

"There is nothing being sold that someone, somewhere can't make a little worse and sell a little cheaper; and the man who considers price alone is this man's legal prey."