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That's two groups, both are 11 shots at 40 yards. I'd say one flyer in each group, shots were taken leaning on my car, the night breeze was just beginning to pick up. The gun was Vulcan Mk4. It is a small coin, sorry, I don't have any American coins for a comparison that would be clearer to you. There is one more important thing to add: all 22 shots were taken with the Airgun Technology factory moderator on. As it turned out later, both moderators offered by AGT for the Mk4 deteriorate accuracy to a great extent. I'm sorry I sold the the gun before I could make some more tests without the moderator on. Velocity was about 895-900 fps.

I'm sure the results would be much better shooting from a decent shooting table and a gun rest. These pellets are relatively easily accessible in my country but I have only .25 rifles right now. Otherwise I would have tested further with these pellets. With the Vulcan barrel they outperformed the 18 grain JSB significantly – the last target I shot with the JSB the same evening under the very same conditions.