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Joe, my Trail NP ate scopes like popcorn.  I found the Hammers 3-9×40 AO whilst browsing Amazon.  I now have 4 of them on my .22LR and have used them on airguns from 20+ FPE nitro piston to 36+ FPE pcps.  Decent picture and great service from Amazon.  FWIW.


The price has dropped to under 60.00, btw.

+1 for the Hammers….. They work great with a one piece scope mount. The last two I bought came with one for 11mm-3/8 dove tail. Have them on NP guns

+1 for the Bug Buster    I had one on a NP and worked great for about three years. It took a heavy spill and came up a little bent.

   The Hammers reticals are on the thicker side and have less mil-dots than the bugbuster.