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I just ordered a DonnyFL SUMO for my WC .25 MKI. I have been shooting her with only two factory baffles. I thought it was quiet enough, but sometimes I notice game flinch when I fire, which ruins the shot. I thought it was just because I botched the shot, but now it makes sense. Since an AG is subsonic, an animal can hear the shot before the pellet gets to it. So, ultra-quiet is essential to derive the best performance from an AG while hunting.

I've never used an after-market moderator before, but I've heard nothing but good things about DonnyFL. And my contact with him here on the forum and through his website has been nothing but positive. His line of products is amazing. They are CNC machined from high-quality materials, and by all accounts, the quality of his workmanship is stellar. His moderators are also aesthetically pleasing. But, what probably stands out the most in customers' minds is the level of customer service. It's not uncommon for Donny to respond to inquiries in a few minutes, even in the middle of the night! He obviously has a tremendous work ethic and really cares about keeping customers happy.

I am really looking forward to screwing my new DonnyFL moderator on my Wildcat! I'm hoping it makes a real difference in the number of bunnies in my freezer 🙂 I'll let you know how she goes…