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thanks you guys. great to hear your opinions and out look on my post. good advice for sure


I think that with the quality of both of these rifles, it comes down to the shooter. I'm biased towards RAW as I own a couple and shoot them a lot. Have only shot a Thomas once at a competition and that's not enough time to get to know it. 

One thing I would say about the versatility of a Thomas. The argument being that even though they are $1,500  more than a RAW, you can shoot all three classes (LV, HV and Open) with the Thomas and not have to buy two or three rifles. While this is true in theory, you're not going to use the same barrel to shoot LV as you are going to shoot HV. I mean, you could, but for one of the classes, you would not have an optimal set up. So, now you've got to buy a different barrel for HV say. And possibly Open class as well. So, when you figure that in, the Thomas rifles may not have such a cost savings advantage as one might think at first glance.

In the end, I think one would be happy, and doing very well, to have and shoot either. 


CHAS  what barrels would a person need    for low velocity vrs high velocity and or the different classes… thanks