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I routinely shoot mine at 50 yards.  Mine is a .22 and I don't think they sold any other caliber here in the US. 100 yards would be a big stretch.  To pump it up, from zero it is going to take about 200 strokes with a couple rests for five minutes or more to let the pump internals cool.  I am probably overly cautious and let my pump rest every 60 strokes.  Once you have it topped up to 230 Bar, figure on shooting 20 shots in actual hunting.  Then I do about 80 strokes to get it back up to 230.   Instead, try topping to 200 Bar after 20'shots.  You will get a bit more consistancy and it is a bit less effort to get to that pressure.  I have recharged mine over 100 times since I bought it and don't consider it to be a chore at all.  Very accurate gun for yhe money too.  Good choice!