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I would have to second Mobilemail.  Just bought my first PCP 2 weeks ago.  Got a used Marauder in .177 from a Field Target shooter that had upgraded to Air Arms.  It was in immaculate condition.  He even had the original shipping boxes from his purchase.  It was all set up and ready to go.  My range was only 40 yards, but I was getting dime sized groups using JSB light pellets.  He said it preferred the AA heavies, but PA has them on backorder.  Still can't wait to try them out.

Pumping isn't too bad.  I bought it wait a Benjamin pump.  Takes about 80 pumps to go from 2000 to 3000 psi, and with 177 that gets me 60-70 shots.  I keep forgetting to count shots as I get distracted from shooting little things in the yard.  Sticks, shotgun shells, dandelions, etc. at varying ranges.

From what I hear, for small game, Squirrels, rabbits, even the 177 is a good choice at reasonable distances.  Not sure, as I will keep my PBs for that.  I know it really whacks my Gamo knockdown steel target at 40 yards.  So would probably be plenty for a squirrel head at that distance. 

Before I found this one, I almost bought a Umarex Gauntlet, but the store didn't answer the phone when I called to make my order.  I am wanting to get into Field Target, so that is why I went with .177, otherwise I was going to get a .22 for the best of both worlds between plinking (shot count), and hunting.

Good luck on your decision.  But figure stay with any of the guns mentioned above, and you will be happy for a while, until the bug hits and you need another one….