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I recently bought the UTG 8-32×56 to go with my new Crown .25.  It's not a bad scope, but not overly clear at 32X.  I was hoping for better, and the experience left me wanting a better scope.   Don't get me wrong, it's not terrible and it's possible I set my standards too high, and to be clear I don't have any experience with more expensive scopes, but I was hoping for a clearer sight picture.     I have a cheap CVLIFE 6-24×50 scope that is clearer at 24x than this scope is at 32x– I was hoping it would be at LEAST the same, given the price differential.


Those low end 6-24×50 scopes can work well enough, but the actual magnification is often much less than 24x. That is why they look so clear. I've seen some that won't even go to 16x, even though it says 24x right on the scope. Compare their FOV with a real 24x scope and you can see the difference.