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I have never owned an FX, so I won't make comparisons.  I will say that the Marauder is quite reliable and quite easy to work on, and I'm not super-airgun-talented.

2.  If you think you're going to shoot in Field Target competitions, you will want to go with the .177 because your rifle must be under 20fpe.  If just informal plinking, buy whatever the heck you want to shoot!  Even .25 pellets aren't that expensive if you make a big order when they go on sale.   The bigger holes are easier to see, the bigger pellets are easier to handle, and shooting a .25 is kind of addictive.  If you like to shoot novelty targets like spinners and such, you will want some rated for rimfire. A .25 will be hard on airgun specific targets.

3. Most springers have a little hole toward the rear of the dovetail mount, on top.  If you get the right scope rings or one piece mount, you can put a set screw down into this hole and the scope won't slide anymore. Problem solved!

4.  Nearly all of my airguns were purchased used.  it pays to watch the forums, and buy from guys who are the respected "regulars".  Quite often the rifle you buy will be pre-loved and will be much better than buying the same gun new.  Let's face it, airguns are mostly air and seals, not too darn many things to actually wear out.

5.  I don't have a compressor so other folks will have to answer.  Since I don't get to shoot a whole bunch, it's still more cost effective for me to go to the local dive shop every 2-3 months and get my 4500psi fill of nice, dry breathing air…for $5.   Even with my slew of PCPs including a couple of .25s, it takes a while to shoot it down.  Everyone's situation is different as to local availability and quality of high pressure fills.