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Darned good question, I brought it up to over 220bar and got 3-4 magazines through it, but I think I was still around 160+ bar at that point. I was a bit fuzzy with Benadryl and a nasty headache, so I can't say for sure. I was also running shots through my R5M to sort out some regulator issues (Huma), so I was pre-occupied with that one more so. It would be nice if I can get at least 4 magazines before I fall off the reg. Not the best for bench shooting, but more than adequate for an outing when the number of shots will be minimal. The laminate concept has been mentioned in the past, but never quite got off the ground. Not even certain that they will become a regular thing, The only thing I can say is to call Brian today ! and get your name on the list, if they aren't already spoken for, you might get lucky. I've already located a laminate blank supplier and have been debating on attempting an inletting job on my milling machine for the R5M.