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Currently the marauder seems to win hands down if comparing reliability. Anyone honest will admit that reliability is not the #1 thing is is known for ( old school FX were, naturally totally reliable) and not why they sell these days. 

 Accuracy, if your up to polishing and such at 50 yards I'd say it's a toss up. Ad the extra $100 for the crosman LW barrel and things would likely be pretty close – as in better than most average shooters-. . And if comparing regulated, ad a reg for $69.00.

 As your in the budget range only compare the custom shop ( or ad a LW barrel). ALL air rifles with good barrels shoot better than most of us can. Even when spending BIG dollars a "golden" true 1 hole BR winning match grade barrel is a crap shoot.

 They all shoot pretty well.

Look for a used .177 marauder someone successfully used for FT.  And or any other used rifle. That is really the only way to know how one groups if looking for a proven shooter.