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Wow, thanks for the great responses guys. You have given me alot to think about. I thought this was gonna be easy! Armada is out of the picture.  But I'm still torn on whether I need 2 rifles or 1. I can get 2 Marauders: 17 (target) & 25 (hunting). But if I was to get a FX Streamline, I would only get 1. 

So now I now have a new set of questions.

1. So is it widely accepted that the FX rifles are more accurate & reliable than the Marauder? What kind of accuracy differences can I expect at 50 yards with the Marauder vs FX?

2. What about just .17 vs .25 in general? The smaller caliber has much cheaper pellets and more shots per charge. But are they known to be less accurate? (not including the wind factor)

3. I've got a .17 springer that was like $250 a decade or so ago. It's fun to use, but I never use it because after the first shot, the POI starts drifting to where I am just chasing it the entire time. I finally figured out it was because of the dovetail. The scope slides back in it. Which seems like the natural thing for it to do. Seems like a ridiculously dumb design to have a dovetail. I guess maybe it doesn't matter if there is almost no recoil like in a PCP?

4. What's the used market like. As a noob, is it recommended I stay away from the used market?

5. Slightly new topic. Dealing with a scuba tank has always ben the thorn in the side, when it comes to getting a PCP for target practice. I thought compressors were 3k+ but it looks like there are AV compressors for much cheaper. A full size one for 1200 and a small one for 500. Any comments on these? For casual shooting, do they work well? Are they relatively low maintenance?

Thanks again guys