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Addertooth's way is best, shoot it and make your own decision.

If you watch for deals, a .25 Marauder can be had new for +/- $350, and they have always been known to be accurate and easy to work on guns with tons of information, parts and upgrades easily available. If you love to take stuff apart, mod and tune it, they are a great bang for the buck.

If you just want to buy it and shoot it without messing with it at all, you are probably going to be most satisfied with guns at or over $1200.  At that point you can start buying things that you only have to play with if you want to.

If you are new to PCP, there will be an added expense of how you get high pressure air for the gun, but that is a discussion in itself.

I would advise against purchasing a rifle based only on what type of scope baa it has. You will cut out a lot of great guns for no reason, and smallbore PCPs are "virtually" recoilless.


For .177 I prefer my BSA Scorpion SE over the Marauder for a little more money. But lots of guys have done great with Marauders, and lots of other guys will recommend a dozen or so different rifles.


What kind of budget do you have set for this venture?  That might help us give more targeted advice.