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Nice rig, always loved most of the crosman and benjamin pump rigs of days gone by.

I may be wrong but I believe they were not "painted" ( we all know what you mean)  but a complicated ( and too toxic for todays standards) coating process.  Chatted with a fellow who owns the ( maybe?) largest Benjamin collection in the South who had all kinds of detailed interesting information on these pieces of History.


 JohnL  brings up a valid tip from back when they were new.   If that rifle was repaired under warranty the smith would have gone to all the trouble of this important step in a rebuild/repair. Then he could be sure that unless abused he likely would never see that rig again.



Have to put you in the "airgun friend" ( ugh ) list. Your post makes me miss my old 342 so much I now feel I " need " an old pumper.

Mine had some odd wood the factory just grabbed from a wood pile.


  Hope you still get to shoot that one 40 years from now.