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There is a free program, which is made by Hawke Sport Optics, called "chairgun pro".  You can punch in velocity, and type of pellet (select a pellet off a list).  It will do the calculation for you.  It really comes down to how much you aim upwards (above the intended target).  This is known as holdover.  The moment any projectile is fired (to include regular guns), it starts dropping.  You can compensate for the drop by aiming higher than your intended target.  For example, on one of my airguns, I have to aim 12.6 inches higher than the bullseye to hit it, at 100 yards.  

This means, if the ground was flat, and I was laying prone (on the ground, and barrel 9 inches off the ground) and aiming directly at the bullseye (no holdover), the projectile would hit the dirt before it got to the target.