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My only thoughts of going the DonnyFL route is I can keep the gun at the shorter length with the 350mm barrel inserted and I already own (2) of his mods I would just need the 1/2 x 20 adapter to attach to the end of the 350mm barrel. My airgun fund will be depleted after buying the leshiy and scope for it and the DonnyFL adapter so the Huma reg and extra barrels will have to come next month then the month after I may look into the longest air Cylinder John can make to increase shot count as much as I can or just get a 480cc Carbon fiber bottle with the edgun fill kit as that would give me way more shots than the extra cylinder and wouldn't be much of a hassle to carry along.

I have no problem shooting in the mid 700fps and have faith that is more than needed to kill a squirrel or most birds within 60 yards or so. I didn't have a chrony when I first got my impact and was amazed at the power and accuracy it had and come to find out I was only shooting at 735fps with 18.1JSBs. I killed a few squirrels out of a fence row at 90 yards with 18.1 JSBs at the 735fps. now I shoot 895fps and wow oh wow what I can do with it. haha