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Thank you all for the info on this. I am now in the dilemma of getting the .25 Cal barrel and maybe a .177 barrel for my impact and continuing to play with this gun or possibly buying an Edgun Leshiy as a compact backpack gun for carrying to the deer stand with me next month to keep those pesky squirrels at bay. I have about $1,000 in my airgun fund at the moment so it wouldn't take much more to get the Leshiy bought. Now If I could just sell my Huma Reg Benjamin Marauder in .177 I could do both… 

I seen Steve's video within minutes after posting the questions I had and his video answered a lot of the questions I had. I think I will be able to leave my reg set where it is and just play with the valve adjustment to get me where I want with the .25 700mm barrel. If It doesn't get me high enough in velocity I may turn the reg up 5bar or so. I see that the edgun digital gauges are a favorite to put on an impact. I have not done much research on them but I may have to get one if they are that close on reading so I can use it to change the reg pressure accurately and not have to mess with the Keller Leo2 Gauge that I got, that kinda depends on which is cheaper to do now. 


Thanks again everyone for the help on this. It is much appreciated. I will add feedback if I end up getting the 700mm barrel soon.