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Distance is 50 yds  reaching out to 75  and 100. I don't think accuracy was ever there. It wasn't the scope. Doing the same thing with the Hawke. 

Every now and then I can shoot tight groups for awhile and then I start getting some flyers. Cleaned the barrel twice and the accuracy seemed be more consistent for awhile. Using same air, pellets, bench rest, etc. In contrast my Wildcat after getting dialed in shoots wherever I point day after day. That's what triggered my mind and remembering somebody saying it might be shooting too fast and the pellet is destabilizing. It came, except for a Donny FL moderator, with all the factory settings and is still that way. So now I am trying to slow it down and see if that makes a difference. My Ipad that I use with the chrono locked me out after one of Apples never ending updates. I have to drive to the Apple store and have their geeks unlock it. That's a 2 hour drive from where I live.  So it will be awhile before I can use the chrono.