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I've. bought a lot from AOA.   Two rifles a pistol compressor scope ammo and targets.   Absolutely nothing to complain about.  Takes a while to them on the phone but that's completely understandable.   I think they are suppling the absolute best of products and are doing about all that you can to satisfy the customers.   Of course from time to time you are going to find a person who you just can't satisfy but I believe any reasonable person would do well to deal with AOA.   And there may be other dealers just as good but there is no one close here to me in PA.  


I love my air rifle.  I can shoot in the back yard and practice my off hand shooting and no one even knows.  The daystate red wolf with the suppressor is unbelievably quiet.  Super nice gun.  Most think too much money but I figure why not spend on the gun you can actually shoot.