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Matt at Demolition Ranch is an assignment. He doesn't care about air guns. It's money he cares about. Go on YouTube and look up, "The quietest Sniper Rifle Ever…andd Why The Government Doesn't Regulate It.

Jerks like this guy & Air Depot having HIM review it will get us like Scotland, Ireland, or U.K if lucky.

Did a search for the video: "The quietest Sniper Rifle Ever…and Why The Government Doesn't Regulate It"

 I agree!  That guy is a total dumbass and clueless!  With 10M views (so far) he could do a lot of damage to airgunning. He left out that suppressors that can be fit to a firearm are regulated (even if for one time use). But a suppressor that is an integrated part of the air rifle does not qualify for that.  Also, my understanding is that if the suppressor cannot be fitted on a firearm then it's not a suppressors that needs to be licensed. 

But I digressed…    Yes, dumbasses like him making money on Youtube while stating fallacies as facts can cause a lot of damage.