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I have RWS 34's both 177 n 22. Bought the 177 in 93 still takes game out to 35-45yrds depending on game. 22 bought in 08, last kill was last year bagged a bunny @ 55yrds, dropped him on the spot . In my opinion RWS makes legit rifles, I don't know how the quality or control is now . Buy nitro-piston, better than spring, you can leave it cocked longer n recoil is less . You might want to go PCP, I recently bought a Hatsan Flash it was $304 from PA n Diana stormrider . Get the Flash, not happy with the Diana (cheap make). The pump will run you about $150 depending on model. Save up, if your budget is  $300 n some change another $100 n you can get a nice set up. You won't be disappointed. The flash has semi shrouded barrel, is back yard friendly. Not like stormrider, which is pretty loud .