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I finally got my Impact tuned for a 1-1.2 inch group at 100 yd. Steve Ted and Matt all have good videos out. Check them all out, I tend to like Matt's as he tunes the reg for best harmonics. 

Basically start at 100 bar on the reg., (make sure your gauges are accurate….I got HUMA gauges).

Start with hammer set to MAX on Wheel and the hammer gap at around 18.0 mm. 

Shoot groups at 60 yds  on a calm day and slowly raise the reg pressure after each group by 10 bar, Once you get the best groups with then start to change the hammer gap from 18.00 mm til you get highest velocity before it starts to fall off. That's your best hammer spring setting for the specific reg setting. If you change the reg setting you'll have to reset the hammer spring gap setting. Be sure and loc-tite that little screw once you find the best setting.

Then finally use the valve knob to bring to  the desired velocity. 

I turned mine down to 3.5 ish lines to drop it to 830. My reg is at 120 bar with MKII

Anyway, this is what works for me. It's actually a combination of Matt, Steve and Ted's videos.

Good luck