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  I'm going to be completley honest, I bought mine so I could shoot Oldspooks ten dimes challenge clean. After many attempts with my 48 and 34 it was obvious I wasn't going to do it with one of them.

  The original plan was to put a scope on the 300 but seeing how it'll shoot with peep sights I'll color the dime size portion of the target with a magic market so I can see it and give it a go. If I can't do it with peep sights then I'll put a scope on and shoot it clean. For now I'm on hold waiting on pellets.

  Yes I too blame Joe and his videos for me wanting a 300, he makes shooting well look so easy, lol. Prior to buying this rifle I had already bought a LH stock for one as I had made up my mind to buy one. The rifle I bought came with both a RH and LH stock, so the plan was to shoot it in both LH stocks, keep the one I liked best and sell the other. Well after shooting this thing that paln went out the window as a new plan quickly developed. Keep both LH stocks and just buy another rifle! If having one accurate rifle is good isn't having two better?

See what you started Joe!!! Now which hole did that rabbit run in?