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My Impact sits and the Wildcats goes out. I would guess I am getting a little more than 3 magazines out of a fill. I fill it, according to the gauge on my Great White to 320 bar. however the gauge on the WC only says 220 bar. Anyway, with that air I get at least 3 or 4 magazines. The only thing I don't like is the way you can shoot and lose air on an empty magazine. I usually can count to 8 but don't remember sometimes how many I shot in between the shots themselves. The magazines are crazy easy to load unlike the bazaar method used in the Impact magazines. However the Impact magazines are designed so you can't shoot on an empty magazine.

After I now have it dialed in, some non gun shooters wanted to try it and hit a steel rat, benching, at 100 yds. 

A red Sharpie marker works wonders. Mark off a section on the clip/magazine where you'll know the last shot will be at after it rotates. 

Not a Wildcat but should work the same.