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I'm flying out early tomorrow morning (should arrive in Phoenix at 6:50 AM) and will be heading home on Thursday morning.  I forgot that Mark is out there-it would be nice to meet  him, but I haven't interacted with him much on here, so it would be a 'little out of the blue'.  I'll have to start training for BR competition once I get my BR stock and think about coming out to AZ to compete some time.  

My near term goal, however, is to get my 14 year old son (and later my 12 year old daughter) setup with his new FX Wildcat Mk II and hopefully do the prairie dog hunt with Jim Chapman next year-that's kind of a fantasy / goal I would like to do as father and son while he's still young enough to enjoy it.  The year after I'll have to do the same with my daughter too.  They LOVE blasting chipmunks at my house currently, so that trip would just be awesome!  If anything changes with your schedule, let me know (I'll PM you my phone number just in case…).



Hey Sean,

Yeah it is not good on my end I am stuck in the Land of Enchantment for the week.

Would have loved to sit down to dinner and shot the you know what, hopefully we get a chance in the future.

I'll keep your info for the future since I got your pm.