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I was experimenting about 9mo. Ago!, it was moly powder BEL-RAY is the excact brand, not that it matters but is very expensive, I’m not sure what they are using now in centerfire comp’s w/ copper clad bullets like BERGER, BILLY BRAWAND, GENTER etc.( that’s what I shot out of my ppc’s ) if they are even still using it?, now if your talking slugs that’s a different story, I don’t shoot them and probably never will? In a airgun! Now I’m only implying that I would coat these myself not send them anywhere to do it,I would think that would be tremendously expensive?, I will continue some research on my own down the road but at this point not a priority… Also I’m not familiar w/ SNS coatings is that a CO., Brand name, technology is it different than molybdenum? Sorry I’ve just been out of the competitive center fire game for a long time!