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I have a factory 12 ft lb HW97 and shoot with a friend who has one too.  One other friend ordered a full power HW97 about the same time as me and his actually was actually shooting about 13 ft lb.  If you aren't specifically going to be shooting WFTF class field target, order the full power one and shoot it.  If you are shooting WFTF, you may end up needing a tune anyway, so it may end up a wash.

The actual power is not that important for me.  I am just looking for maximum accuracy/minimal recoil.  If the full power version is really only shooting 13 or so, there may not be much difference in accuracy/recoil.  I emailed Krale, said they should have the 12 version in stock in a week or so.  I'll wait until next week, if they don't have them in I may just order a full power  version and shoot it, put a couple tins of pellets through it and see how it goes.  If necessary, I am capable of changing the spring and I have a lathe and some delrin, can make my own guide and top hat if needed.