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Here are my thoughts.

 If You purchase a .25 Marauder, You will have an effective,accurate and almost infinitely upgradable platform (Including power upgrades,regulators ect.)with a Very nice trigger. You can find great deals on them and with the money You save,You can apply the savings toward decent glass,which You Will appreciate regardless of whether it's used for hunting,targets or even casual plinking. Perhaps even one of Pyramyd Air's "Extended Life" CF air tanks. (Comes with tank pressure gage and correct fill adapter.) You will also have a workhorse type of rifle (synthetic stock) that won't break Your heart when it gets nicked up from use in the woods.(And it eventually Will get dinged up!)

  I wouldn't go with the Armada. Its essentially the identical rifle in "tactical clothing" You can always upgrade the Marauder if it suits Ya.

  My Other idea is to,in addition, purchase a (GASP!) Springer in .177 or whatever cal. floats Your boat. Maybe a Diana 34,Walther Terrus (149.95 at AOA) which are Both great rifles. No fiddling with pumps or tanks. Just grab a tin of pellets and practice to Your hearts content. The technique/discipline of shooting a springer well will only Improve the results You get from all Your other guns.

  Whatever You choose,just have FUN and ENJOY! Thats what it all boils down to. Hope this helps Ya!