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If you are considering an Armada, please consider an FX Streamline.  Around the same price range, and since the Armada is a Marauder in fancy dress, it's in a completely different class of gun from the FX guns.  I own both a Marauder and an Impact.  

Trigger Armada – good Streamline – Fantastic

Regulator – Armada None – Streamline Regulated (yes, that's important) – After shooting a regulated gun, it's hard to go back to unregulated as the consistency and accuracy is just that much better.

Accuracy at 100 yards – Armada from what I'm told, good, Streamline, better

Fit and finish – Armada good, Streamline better.

For small stuff and target practice, you don't need a .30, and there's a better variety of .25 accessories available.  Pellets are cheaper and use less air to send downrange.  

Do make sure you have an air source identified.  Nothing more frustrating than a nice PCP with no air.

Welcome to the addiction and good luck!