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Having to do an international return is a risk from buying from Krale.

I thought the HW110 I bought from them had a slow leak.

I compared shipping prices and cheapest was USPS for around $100.

That's assuming they'd even accept an airGUN for shipping (have had some issues with USPS clerks not know their own rules).

It might be cheaper to take the stock off and ship in a shorter box, but I didn't get estimates for that.

Luckily it turned out the 110 is holding air fine.

I'm pretty good at DIY but there is not much info about the 110 with respect to taking it apart for troubleshooting.

But I wanted the 12 ft-lb version, which is not available from US sellers as far as I could find. 


Edit: Sorry, don't know why I'm getting double spaces on all lines. Posting from Chrome on Linux.