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I called FX late in the day yesterday, and they immediately offered to replace my cylinder free of charge, and then sent me a pre-paid Fed-Ex label via e-mail.   Costs me nothing to send my Cylinder back and get a brand new replacement.  I was told the internal valve was likely stuck open, but they would not know until they inspected the Cylinder.   Fantastic customer service – I did not expect to get a replacement cylinder shipped to me for free.  

Good for FX USA!    Can't place a price on safety…

Agreed about safety.   But it was funny, AOA seemed surprised this happened, I suspect because this is a 6 sigma type event that I made worse by continuing to unscrew the cylinder.   Which was a bonehead move.   Thinking back, the sound of the air escaping was very loud and spooked me.   As I shoot 400 rounds a week sometimes from my 45acp pistols, loud noises do not as a rule spook me.   The right thing to have done would be to screw the cylinder back on and stop the release of pressure.   Then maybe back it off real slow and let the pressure release slowly.   I have not heard anyone pipe in on this thread and report that these cylinders suffer from jammed or damaged valued all the time.   Maybe a good thing to ask when a large group of airgunners gather, say at the AOA championships for instance.   For those that don't have an FX impact, these cylinders screw on rock solid.   And come off very easy, turning on threads that are accurate to very tight tolerances.  If there is one thing I do know, it's high end 1911 pistols.   Having three Wilson Supergrades and one high end Cabot, I know what a finely tuned piece of metal feels like.   Unscrewing the cylinder on my FX impact reminds me a lot of racking the slide of one of my $6,000 Wilson Supergrades – something that has to be experienced to appreciate trust me on that.   My rifle is a super tight piece of machinery that I have the upmost confidence in.  

That I handled the situation wrong is my fault, that FX treated me like they did was unexpected but welcome.   I would have expected them to first inspect the cylinder and then make a determination about free replacement and such.   Which tells me that they can probably count on one hand the times this has happened to a customer in all their years of business.