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Hi, did you buy the gun from sweden? If that is the case they might shipped you the 10 joule version, because swedish law forbid shipping airguns abroad with higher power than 10 joule, directly to customers. If you bought it from a dealer in norway, and lives in norway, you should get the none restricted version of the crown. 

If it is a 10 joule version. There should be letters wich says "10 j" on top of the gun. The difference is that it has a weaker hammer spring, different valvepin spring, and the internal holes in the power wheel is smaller. If you have a 10 joule version, you can by a "power kit" from a dealer in sweden legally, wich contains the mentioned parts, making the gun none restricted. If you bought it from a dealer in norway, I would demand they send you a full power version, or atleast install the mentioned parts for free.