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Thanks Intenseaty22 and FukoChan, that helps better explain.  The fundamental difference is the manufacturing-deforming from the outside, through the wall, to cause the 'groove' on the inside.  Sounds to me more similar to the polygon barrels than the 'traditionally rifled' barrels (with the exception that the polygon barrels, I believe, are formed from the inside).  I say 'similar' because in the sense that neither leaves cut edges on the grooves and has 'smooth' transitions between the 'lands' and the 'guides' ("rifling") down the bore-sound correct?

I'll take a look at the videos this evening-thanks for posting the links.  

I'm getting excited for my son's WC to arrive-hoping having that will help get his butt of his stupid electronics to come out and shoot with me more than he has in the past…