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@johnl57, YOU won the Internet Lottery???

I've been looking for you for years!  I'm your long-lost half brother's illegitimate son!  You have NO IDEA how happy I am to know that I have family somewhere in this world, and that you're RICH to boot!

This is, like, totally amazing timing since I just completed my work on a revolutionary hair drier that will revolutionize hair care here and around the world!  It's taken me months of work in my step-sister's uncle's garage, but it finally works!  All I need is some seed money to get production up and running.  I figured out the costs and thought that $15K to $20K would get me going but my business partner insists that we need at least $40K to cover incidentals.  He's really a smart money guy and has learned so much from the classes that they offer in prison in this state.

Send me your street address ASAP and I'll bring the revolutionary hair drier to you so you can see it, touch it, watch it work, and know that this is no scam.

Signed, your long-lost nephew – once removed or something

PS you don't own any guns or nothing, right, cause I've had some bad experiences with guns.