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I had some problem this days for shooting. A cat just birth her kids where is my shooting target. So I don't want to disturb her.

I changed regulator pressure to 145 bar for reducing turbulence behind pellets when they get out. I will report the results when I could.

But I retest chronography. First 3 pellets speed are low and then they get high as they should be. like 220 then 240 then 253 and 260 which it's should be. At first I thought my gun getting hot under sun or maybe regulator is leaking a bit, but I rechecked regulated pressure and it was fine. Also first I let my gun cool down then I start shooting.

I think little bit of silicon grease (which I used for lubricating power wheel and some other part) get in hammer and jammed it. So first three are needed to things become alright. How do I remove it with out opening my gun? Each time I open it, is a chance that something goes wrong. Could I spray cleaner inside it or it will hurt something? At first I thought ok it is not a big deal but when I want to hunt first shoot is important.