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First I was told at our local Dive shop. They told me: as long as carbon tank would pass Hydro test, they would fill that tank. Even if it's older than 15 years (I guess it depends on the shop, state, etc.)

Also Pyramid Air started selling extended life tanks, but those still not as cheap as you can get from ebay. I just got couple days ago from ebay second tank for $104, it will be my travel tank. 30 minutes (44 c/ft), made in 2005 with 2015 hydro. It means I still have couple years on this hydro, will test in 2020. Even in the worst case scenario I'm good till 2025 for $104 – you can't beat that.  

More information about extension you can find here:

Great info on the 30 year life-extension certification!   How much does it cost?  Looks like they supply the life-extended tanks to PA, but do they certify directly to the public?


EDIT: I called the company. They are located in Colorado.  They do service the general public but charge $300 for the extension.  Add to that shipping trountrip.