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Jim81, I feel ya re the Impact vs. the WC. I used to own an Impact .30. I thought the extra power would serve me well. What I didn't know when I bought the Impact was that good hunting rounds are not available for the .30 cal. like there are for the .25. It doesn't matter how much muzzle energy you have if the round merely passes through the animal and dumps its energy into the ground! I'm bagging a lot more game with my WC .25 shooting H&N Sport Baracuda Hunter Extremes than I did with my Impact .30 shooting JSB domed.

Plus, I love the simplicity of the WC. There are so many bells & whistles on the Impact, most of which I never used. The trigger on the WC is a dream to adjust. I damn near had a conniption trying to adjust the trigger on the Impact to where I wanted it. I finally just gave up. The securing screw on the swappable barrel system constantly needed re-tightening, and there were leaking issues with the swappable bottle design. I am so much more happy with my WC!

I am glad though that I experimented with several rifles and platforms before finally settling on the WC. I did learn a heck of a lot about airguns and ballistics.