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You are looking at Paintball 68 cubic inch tank. Yes it is rated for 4500 psi, but it is regulated for Paintball gun – 800 psi. It is relatively easy to put some shims or stoppers to crank that limit, but i don't know, if you want to mess with that. Appropriate regulator cost way more than $100 and it is not worth for such a small tank.

If you looking for cheap tank, look at ebay for SCBA carbon firefighter breathing tanks. You can get one with current hydro for around $100-130 

Technically carbon tanks have expiration date – 15 years from production date. But looks like more and more states expanding that time to 30 years. Each tank must have valid Hydro test. Hydro is good for 5 years, after that you have to retest at the local dive or fire extinguisher shop. It usually cost $30-50 and you are good for another 5 years

Meaningful tank is at least 40-60 cubic feet not cubic inches

Or they have minutes on the tanks 30 minutes – (44 c/ft), 45 minutes -(66 c/ft), 60 minutes – (88 c/ft)