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Lot's of good imnformation on filloing, tanks. boosters, compressors in the section for such:

PA sells Life Extended" "LE" tanks.  If wanting one at this point your best to deal with PA.

 I have had 2 of the lower cost ( 1 $84.00 & 1 $49.00 ) hand pump and both are better QC than the benjamin and as good as FX.  Do save money on that backup pump. I always keep one just to show folks they arent too hard to use.     Sun was/is the original LOW QC hand pump. Took them a couple of years to stop telling people to put MOTOR OIL in thier airguns/pumps.  Several years to improve QC to the level the sub $100 pumps were at a couple of years ago.


Your retired, have a shop compressor? Jump in thye airtank/fil section and learn all about "Boosters" yet another fun option. As I have enough time in  life ( and I own the smallest hotdog compressor anyway) I use the altors booster.


 Having your own air is very very nice.




any other airgun folks near you? THE best way to learn.