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GUYS! PLEASE call Air Force & complain to PR 1-877-247-4867 this Matt guy @ Demolition Ranch is on a crusade TO get air guns regulated. Ton Jones must either not be aware of this or is out right foolish. A large % of air gunners I know are Veterans w/ PTSD, barred from owning firearms. I myself, clean since 05 got into them. I enjoy them more than I ever did firearms as I twitched at range eveytime someone fired. I have PTSD from physical/sexual abuse. 

I'm not saying make them stop; but, "The world's quietest sniper rifle & why The Government won't regulate it." Compares to a .45 Long Colt, Suppressors are just fine & dandy. You can make it fully auto & they can't do anything about it. COME ON!