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If you are hunting at dawn or dusk then you may want to consider a range finder with illuminated reticle/read-out.  I do most of time so elected to get a Leupold RX-1200I TBR/W (it was at available at a significant sale at Cabela's at the time otherwise way overkill). The /W is wind and to me is useless as I use strlok+ for hold over calculations.  You definitively want a fog proof, and one with an inclinometer as suggested by @jimnm.  If I was you, I would look very closely at the vibration reduction (VR) range finders from Nikon.  They are pricey but VR really makes a difference.  Nikon MONARCH 7i VR (non-illuminated) and I see their new Nikon MONARCH 3000 STABILIZED (illuminated).  I would have gotten the latter in a heartbeat had it been an option when I bought my Leupold.