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Well, from what I've read of the most watched, it's still a popularity contest. Not to mention a young man's game. I've been doing Youtube videos for some 9 years now, and have to fight for every view I can get! And I was given things twice so far. A rusty 760-D Pumpmaster from moderator Jeff on Good guy & that rusty rifle now looks and works beautifully. And the 760 variant 4 from 1/77 Donnie Reed gave me. Cleaned up nice and now sports a period-correct Weaver V22-A dual X scope I bought new in the 70's. And no, you absolutely cannot describe a full restoration with one pic and a couple paragraphs. If you think it can be done, you're welcome to try in a way the average air gunner will easily understand. Have fun with that one!

Not to mention being old, partly crippled and thus overweight. This isn't me at all, really. But on occasion, some have made mention of these things in my video comments. I say, listen to the mind and never mind what they look like. That's the popularity contest part I really think is totally petty & immature. I've been around, ya know?! I know a few things, and am always open to learning more. I hate it when those that can afford the best rifles, and support equipment, the high-end gunsmithing tools, and such berating me for daring to work on fine air rifles with crap tools. My tools are of good quality and I'm careful when plying my trade/hobby with them and get good results. I think they're getting upset because of that very thing. I can do as much or more with less. Necessity is indeed the mother of all invention.

And yes, if I can ever get another vehicle that passes Echeck I and my son will do hunting and other shooting videos out of doors. I miss that terribly. Many of you aren't old enough to have these problems or the working life that tends to create them. Just because I can't climb a mountain with a rifle and field pack on my back now, doesn't mean I don't have experience with these things from younger days. We are your elders and deserve some modicum of respect for making it this far and raising y'all. Besides all the wisdom from memories we love to pass on, as this is important to us as said elders.

I'm also a little miffed about some folks I've helped give a leg up to in this air gun video scene that now don't remember I even exist. Don't forget those that helped you on the way up…cause when you're on the way down the hill again…we might just step out of the way.

Once again, as always, my 2c worth. This sermon is ended, go in peace.