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New to the forum. I have a squirrel / groundhog problem. I am looking for a super quiet air rifle for shots out to 80 yards. I have a Ruger 10/22 with a 28” barrel that is super quiet shooting CCI quiets but is not accurate after 40 yards. I need a tack driver that will kill hogs, squirrels and foxes at 80 yards but needs to be very quiet. I have a budget of $500. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



Unfortunately I also live in The Peoples Republik of New Jersey. There's been alot of good rifles suggested here but all are illegal in our socialist state. Not only can they not have an LDC or silencer, but they cannot have any type of sound moderation system. No internal sound moderation or barrel shroud. That would be a felony.  Really limits our choices. Plus for hunting,  cant be anything larger than .22 cal..  You don't want a problem with the state Gestapo here when it comes to firearms. You will regret it the rest of your life. My suggestion is to leave this state as soon as possible, and never look back. I have 5 more years till I can move to America.