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Well said weatherby. Thats how I understand it also. On that same subject would you say the Impact would be immune to this problem if the valve travel adjuster is appropriately set? Might damage the rubber ball in there a little more but should save the valve?


The Swedish and UK lower power models are even restricted by making use of the valve stop and a low regulator pressure. With these versions, the valvestop is a non-adjustable one which is preset from the factory.

With other words, on those versions the valve can barely open, regardless of the hst power setting.

However, with the Impact there is a chance that you might damage the cocking pin on the sliding block in case of maximum HST and a valve stop which is turned all the way out, beyond 4 lines on the adjuster. The valve overshoots in that case, and the hammer can hit and bend the cocking pin. But the valve and regulator will be safe with a properly adjusted valve stop.