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I spoke to someone at AoA and he was adamant that you should never shoot below the regulator setting. I forgot the exact reason why but he pretty serious about it. I think he mentioned that the regulator itself would be damaged and would have to be replaced over a short period of time.

Shooting off the regulator is harmless for the regulator, it will just stay open after reaching that point (regulator piston is not fully compressed anymore)

The thing that happens, is that at a lower pressure the valve is much easier to open.

The back pressure behind the valve gets less, hence it is easier for the hammer to knock the valve open.

Because the high power pcp's often need a serious tension of the hammer spring, the valve will get knocked open all the way, and in FX's case damaging the hole where the valve stem feeds through.

It will kind of swage a burr at the circumference of this hole, which prevents the valve from closing and dumping all air through the barrel.

However, shooting about 10 bar below regulator pressure shouldn't cause any troubles, but a friend of mine shot his bobcat 30 cal (set to 160b reg pressure) down to below 100 bar, and that messed up his gun.

I had to ream out the valve stem guide hole of his action block to remove the burr, and he was back in buisiness again. The valve itself was not damaged.

In a nutshell, it is indeed not advisable to shoot below regulator pressure, and the regulator is there for a reason you are not making use of anymore by doing that?